Medical Devices

The Infinity 2 Microscope

The Infinity 2 Microscope Dark Field Phase-Contrast Microscope was created to enable healthcare professionals to directly observe the condition of live blood cells, as a diagnostic tool and to assess the efficacy of treatments.

Its development was spearheaded by Ed Hoyt, Calroy’s CEO, when he was leading Infinity 2, the global wellness company he co-founded. The device combined a Nikon Dark Field Phase-Contrast Microscope, a proprietary 2 CCD camera, and custom digital image enhancement software written by the team at Infinity 2.

Infinity 2 sold over 1,500 of the devices along with a 3-day training in their clinical use, a package priced at $15,000.

In addition, the company used its microscope as a powerful tool for demonstrating the effectiveness of its own line of nutraceuticals.


VENDYS provides an affordable, non-invasive way to measure endothelial function. The technology today is in widespread use in cardiology practices throughout the world.

William Sotka, Calroy’s Consulting Director of Healthcare Sales, has played a major role in the introduction and acceptance of VENDYS technology. Serving as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Endothelix, he established influential clinical accounts nationwide. In addition, he brought clinical feedback from the doctors to the biomedical engineering team, thereby contributing to the refinement of the technology.


EndoPAT is another leading technology for the measurement of endothelial function. It quantifies the endothelium-mediated changes in vascular tone, elicited by a 5-minute occlusion of the brachial artery.

Calroy’s William Sotka not only sold EndoPAT to medical offices through the US, he also trained physicians on the clinical use of the technology. Later he trained new sales representatives and distributor groups in the presentation and use of EndoPAT technology.


First Nutraceutical Proven to Restore the Endothelial Glycocalyx

Arterosil® is the only nutritional supplement that is proven by human clinical trial to help rebuild the endothelial glycocalyx. The glycocalyx is a smooth protective covering of the endothelium which serves to prevent cholesterol and other particles from lodging in the arterial wall.

Arterosil® contains rare marine algae that has a biochemical structure almost identical to the human endothelial glycocalyx.

Arterosil® is a flagship product exclusively marketed by Calroy. ArterosilHP, the high-potency version, is sold only to healthcare professionals. For more information, visit

First Broad Spectrum Digestive Enzyme

Under the leadership of Calroy’s CEO, Ed Hoyt, his former company Infinity 2 pioneered the development and marketing of the world’s first broad-spectrum digestive enzyme. This innovation helped establish the use of digestive enzymes as a core product category in the complimentary healthcare field.

First 12 Strain and First 16 Strain Probiotic

Infinity 2 was also one the earliest marketers of multi-strain probiotics. As CEO, Ed Hoyt introduced the world’s first 12 strain probiotic and the first 16-strain probiotic product to the nutraceutical market.

Other Infinity 2 achievements under Mr. Hoyt included the first NSF Certification for Sport. The company’s antioxidant formulation was chosen by the Russian government for the Children of Chernobyl. Its multi-vitamin was the first to be used in the US Government’s Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program.