Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing (or network marketing) remains one of the most powerful channels for launching new products and driving exponential sales growth. By engaging tens of thousands of independent distributors, who not only sell the product but also seek other distributors to do the same, a well constructed MLM can expand faster than any other marketing channel.

Designing and leading a successful MLM company requires a unique set of skills that can only be acquired by years of direct experience.

Calroy’s CEO Ed Hoyt founded Infinity 2, an MLM focused on wellness products. Under Mr. Hoyt’s leadership, the company grew to over $150 million in total sales, with operations in 13 countries. His company served over 5,500 health care professionals worldwide, in addition to some 100,000 independent sales representatives.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing is both a stand-alone channel for product distribution, and an inherent component of every other marketing channel. Today, internet marketing has evolved to become a highly sophisticated process, requiring a combination of functional skills. These include:

  • Search marketing (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Social media

The challenge is to find online experts in each sector that stand apart from a crowded field of practitioners. Over the years, Calroy’s executives have built up a formidable network of top quality online marketers, whose work has been tested and proven through multiple successes in different product areas.

Calroy is now positioned to bring this all-star internet marketing team to any project that requires their expertise, and to coordinate their efforts for maximum success.

Direct Response

Direct response marketing involves a range of tools to present offers directly to consumers, through print advertising, radio, TV and direct mail.

Like internet marketing, direct response is a specialist field that is best managed by practitioners whose only focus is this one channel. And as with internet marketing, Calroy has developed close relationships with some of the most successful direct response marketers in the United States.

These relationships position Calroy to launch effective direct response campaigns for any appropriate product, using the optimum mix of tools for the selected market.

Trade Show Marketing

Particularly in the healthcare field, marketing through trade shows and conferences can be the most effective channel for reaching a professional audience.

Four of Calroy’s executives – CEO Ed Hoyt, Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Chen Chen, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Derrick DeSilva, and Sales Consulting Director William Sotka — have decades of experience in the successful use of trade shows as a marketing channel.

The team’s expertise in pre-show marketing, booth design, face-to-face sales, and post-show follow-up, has resulted in millions of dollars of total sales across a broad spectrum of medical devices and nutritional products.

Sales Teams

When marketing to professionals, such as medical doctors and healthcare providers, there is often no better approach than a personal sales call. Indeed, this is the foundation of success for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

William Sotka, Calroy’s Sales Consulting Director, brings to the company a history of success in selling sophisticated technologies to medical doctors, particularly in the cardiovascular field. His work has entailed every aspect of the sales process, from making the initial contact, to creating accounts, to servicing and educating clients. In addition, he has built and led numerous teams of other sales professionals.

Calroy’s CEO, Ed Hoyt, has a history of building global teams of independent distributors, including small cadres of highly driven sales professionals.

This combined experience gives Calroy the ability to field highly skilled teams specifically experienced in healthcare sales, to capture market share in the medical and complimentary healthcare sectors.

Media and PR

When marketing medical devices and wellness products, traditional advertising and PR is often best used in a support role, to build brand awareness and prepare the ground for a personal sales approach. Tools that can be deployed include:

  • TV advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Print collateral
  • Direct mail
  • Public relations

Calroy’s expertise in these fields is contributed primarily by our Chief Marketing Officer, Jon Ward. His experience includes the co-ownership of a successful advertising agency in Phoenix Arizona, which served a wide spectrum of clients from billion-dollar corporations to small startup enterprises, using all the primary advertising channels.

Mr. Ward has also spent many years as a leading copywriter and branding consultant, developing and implementing positioning strategies, in particular for newly launched wellness products in the direct sales industry.